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Urban Legends - Part Two

By Dzii


In continuation of our Urban Legends series, GSIS visited two old flats and a primary school to investigate the current state of spook infestation. This trip took us to three different parts of our island, and our experiences there seem to suggest a perpetual propagation of their urban legends for a long time to come.

Lady and the Pram

Blk 305 Clementi
. When we arrived at the foot of 305, Hummaz was instantly drawn to the forest right in front of the flat. "What a lush forest! I think this is the forest surrounding the railway track right?" and then he pointed to a small source of light emanating from a tin-shack-made mini shelter. "Hey what's that?" Hummaz wondered aloud. "Maybe it is some altar that helps to protect against the evil bah! or maybe it is a deity altar." suggested LV. Just as we were about to turn over and walk towards the lift lobby, something at the side caught LV's attention and gave him a start. He immediately grabbed Agent Lunlun's and my arm and made a dash for the lift lobby. "I saw a pram! I think there's a lady behind the pram and suddenly I felt uneasy. They were somewhere near us and I don't think they are human" gasped LV in the lift. I remembered vividly that the void deck was dead empty when we turned around, and Hummaz and Lunlun agreed. "I think you just saw the Ah-Ger loh! I thought I could sense the Ah-Ger aura in the forest. " remarked Hummaz. (Ah-Ger is GSIS's codeword for Pontianak.) I wondered why the Ah-Ger materialise to LV and not Hummaz, but reasoned that this could be one of those occasions when LV's ultrasense perception was more fine-tuned than that of Hummaz.

We went to the top floor, and did a carpet search of each floor for unusual stuff in the usual top-down fashion. On the higher floors, Hummaz and LV could not help but to survey the forest again, this time with a clear aerial view over it. "I think there should be Ah-Ger around. I thought I saw a few on the tree tops here and there." Hummaz remarked. While searching through one of the lower floors, we heard some water splashing sound at the corner unit. "It should be some water feature or fish tank." I reasoned. Hummaz went to the corner to investigate further." After a short while, Hummaz tiptoed back and herded us down the stairs. "A little 'kid' is playing with the water feature now. Don't disturb it." and we instantly knew that he encountered a non-human entity just now. 

When we reached the foot of the flat, we thought of venturing into the forest for a closer look. "There are more 'kids' playing with the water pipes at the void deck of the adjacent block. How come there are so many kids here......." noticed Hummaz. Just as we were about to walk down the slope, we saw flashes of lights at the corner of our eyes. The police constables walked toward us and questioned our presence in that area. "This is Malaysian land, you know. You shouldn't be here at this time." said one of the police duo. When Hummaz explained to them that we were looking out for paranormal phenomenon in this area, I could see their eyes light-up and they asked if the forest was huanted. After taking down our particulars, they left amicably. "Luckily they came to us in time!!" exclaimed Hummaz. "I saw something coming out of the forest just now, and when the policemen appeared, they retreated back. I don't know who they are....but I don't think they are friendly."

The Test

Blk 68 Toa Payoh
. I knew about the haunting activities of this flat from a paranormal forum, and took note of the number of the unit rumoured to be haunted. When we arrived at 68, I did not disclose to LV and Hummaz this crucial piece of information, but instead, put their paranormal senses to a test. I asked them to pinpoint the exact unit rumoured to be haunted, but of course, they could submit a list of three units or so, since there might be more than one haunted unit in that flat. LV and Hummaz first surveyed the flat from the ground floor. The flat has a unique structure and should look like a "T" from the aerial view. The huanted unit is actually located at the 'stem' of the "T" structure. Hummaz and LV had no problem identifying that side of the flat to be the "more haunted side with a darker aura".  Hummaz also remarked that the fields on either side of the flat were not "clean", as he thought they might have been sites for the numerous wakes held for the aged residents of this very old apartment. "The Qi of the fields is very salah (wrong) loh !! I thought I also saw someone jump down from the flat just now....but it disappeared after hitting the ground. Think someone committed suicide here before........." remarked Hummaz. 

I took Hummaz and LV to the 9th, 8th, 6th, 5th, 3rd and 2nd floor for a thorough survey. They generally felt nothing on the upper floors. Upon reaching the 6th floor, LV seemed to sense something behind Hummaz and called out to him. The moment Hummaz turned around, he appeared to be startled by something in the air behind him and squealed for his life. "You are very bad Mr LV. You knew that the 'thing' was right next to me and you still call out to me to turn around. Do you know that I come so close face to face with that 'thing'? Scare the hell out of me loh!!" Hummaz scolded while LV grinned naughtily.

While we were descendling down the staircase from the fourth to the third floor, Hummaz stopped dead for several seconds at the landing in between the two floors and stared intently at a seemingly empty wooden bench at the bottom of the staircase. "Sorry huh....Please let us through." he muttered and led us past the bench to continue surveying the third floor. I nudged him to tell me what he saw just now. "A very old couple sitting there and looking up at us. They scared me for a while there just now." 

Upon reaching the ground floor, Hummaz and LV gave me the numbers of those units that they thought to be haunted. I revealed all their guesses to be incorrect, and they pestered me for the answer. 

"Actually, the rumoured unit is located very near to where Hummaz saw the old couple on the bench....Maybe the old spirits are the cause of the paranormal activities at that unit? Your test results? haha.......considered PASS lah! " 

On Higher Grounds

Fuchun Primary, Woodlands
. A young friend of mine told me that his ex-primary school was so haunted with Ah-Gers, the students were advised by the principal to go to the toilet in pairs. He recalled vivdly an incident when his naughty Malay friend had hid inside the classroom with the lights and fans switched off, intending to scare the first person who enter the classroom. A girl from his gang opened the classroom door, fell to the ground and screamed hysterically while pointing at something behind the Malay guy, who was at that time striking a scary pose. Everyone fled for their lives, including the puzzled Malay guy. She later revealed to my friend that she saw a lady in white standing just behind the Malay guy and it was defintely the most horrendous scene ever to greet her in her life. My friend graduated from that primary school in the early part of 2000s, and he informed me that the school premise is now taken over by Fuchun Primary. 

We arrived at the backgate of Fuchun Primary at midnight. As we have no access to the school compound at this unearthly hour, we parked the car at the foot of the flat next to the backgate and began to observe the school from a distance. 

"There are crowds of Ah-Gers at the third and fourth floor. All standing there and looking at our car. " revealed Hummaz, and he urged LV to take a look as well. LV reluctantly took a look and turned back. "OK, I'm not looking anymore." 

"How come they gathered at the higher floors and not below?" I asked Hummaz. 

"Maybe staying on higher grounds will facilitate their flying? Hahaha...or maybe the canteen people or cleaners worship some deities below so they try not to venture too low? I'm not sure as well...." Hummaz answered.

After staying for ten minutes or so, Hummaz urged us to go. "Quick, go. Before it is too late." I took it as a sign that the Ah-Gers were coming for us and that's why we should run for our lives. 

"I think this is Jiang Shi (vampire) land, a place with negative energy. If this is a cemetary, I suspect that the corpse won't rot at all. I think the negative energy attracted the Ah-Gers to the school compound. I don't think the flats surrounding the school are spared from them as well......"
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