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Bangkok Horror

Around the World
By Dzi


I can still recall newspaper reports about a big fire which engulfed parts of a Bangkok Hotel in the 1980s. Sensational tabloid-style headings splashed across the Chinese evening papers for the entire week, carrying riveting reports of the death lists which included many Singaporeans. The body of a popular Singaporean singer by the name of Shi Ni (詩妮) was found charred almost beyond recognition in the hotel's nightclub. I still have recollection of her appearance of the popular Channel 8 variety show programme, belting out Chinese 80s pop.....and then suddenly, she's gone, in a tragic way and in a foreign land. "詩妮母女,緊抱一処,髒身火海“(Shi Ni and Mum perished in fire -- bodies found hugging tightly to each other) - read the tabloid news on the very front page of the two evening papers. I followed the tragic event very closely for that week, and i must admit that, for a very young boy, my command of the Chinese language was quite way beyond my years to be able to comprehand the evening papers so well.

And of course, the name of the unfortunate hotel is etched deeply in my mind till this very day - Asia Hotel in Bangkok. Today, few people can still remember that fire twenty years ago..........but the myriad of spooky encounters by my friends and members of the internet community attests to the grim past of the hotel.....

Account (1) - Mr Chua of Ang Mo Kio: He went on a religious trip with his temple friends, and settled in Asia Hotel for a few nights. Several of his friends encountered unexplained automatic flashing of their toilets in the middle of the night and they chanted the buddhist scripture for those few nights to keep calm.

Account (2) - A friend's family members saw seemingly charred figures walked across the lobby of the hotel while trying to check in at the lobby. It is not known if they continued to stay in the hotel after the surprise sighting....

Account (3) - from Keeptouch Coomunity Portal: "last time i also had doubt when i heard ppl saying asian hotel is "dirty"...it was until i kena it myself den i start to believe.....me and mine friend were locked out of our room by whatever "thing" that was inside.....the door was latch from inside and we totally had no way of opening the room.....it's in the 6 floor...." by SENS (http://forums.keeptouch.net/archive/index.php/t-44330.html)

Account (4) - From Stomp: "asia hotel: my sis and her friend went there, every night they feel uneasy in the room... on the last day, when they woke up, their body are full of bruise and deep scratch marks, which is not possible that is caused overnight..." (http://talkback.stomp.com.sg/forums/showthread.php?t=32924&page=2)

Account (5) - from SgClub: "...book our air tickets and hotel thru a agency at natas fair few yrs back. but that agency somehow miss out our bookin, thus asia hotel was fully book by then. we were very unhappy becos everyone was saying the location of asia hotel is good further we have to pay extra for other hotels. In the end we spoke to the manager. few days later he told us there were rooms available for us already. Din't think that much that time. We book 2 rooms. given to us was the last 2 rooms at the corner. me n a frd took the last room. whenever we walk into the room, we can feel a strong "force" going oppsite us. and the room have this "dusty" smell which seems like the room have not been occupied for a long time. But we were all too excited to go out shopping and not fussy abt room conditions. So we dint care much. its until things that happen subsquently..........

that was back during my poly days. its all our 1st trip overseas with frds but a memorable 1. after we checked in, we unpack our stuffs. suddenly my frd say "HUH". she thot i was talkin to her which i did not.

on the 1st night. pple who stay at asia hotel will know. they use those dim orangy lights through the whole hotel. the toilet was quite dim too. when i was washing my face at the basin, when i lift up my head i saw a man's face right beside mine on the mirror. it was gone within spilt seconds so i thot might be my wrong vision and continue to take my shower. i didnt tell my frds abt it as i dun wan to spoil their mood or over-reacting.

its until 2nd night when we have our dinner. my frds who were stayin at the room next to us told us that they saw black shadowe flashin pass and hear murmurings when they are in their room. so in the end 4 of end up sleeping in our room on the 2nd night. i still not tell them wat i saw at the toliet. it was a wrong decision to move to our room. the feeling when u walk into their room and ours is totally diff. we feel very cosy when entering their room. but our room have that "unoccupied smell" and a pressure when we enter.

before we when back to the hotel, my frd who was stayin with me keep complain she was very sleepy n tired but the weird things is that. once she is back to our room. she just couldnt sleep. while i was sleeping that night, i feel that something was "touching" up and down my body. but to keep calm i told myself its my blood flowing. until the final strike. i start hearing knock sounds from the end of our beds where we put our lagguage. the knock sound keep occuring until i finally cant take it. i wake my frds up who were already sleepin like dead logs. i went forward to check. its the sound make by the handle of my lagguage. when the handle is lifted up, once release it will have the knockin sound.

I told them somethings wrong. without asking much, we rush down to the lobby to request for a change of room. but the reception told us the hotel was already fully book at the moment. Then we realise they might have gave us those "special rooms" becos we insisted of stayin at asia hotel. We stay at the lobby until morning. Its the 1st time we encounter such incident. we realise there is a statue of four-face buddha just outside the hotel. there the story continues....

we (went) back to my room (and) move all our stuff to the next room. We have our half day city tour on the 3rd day. We told our guide wat happen. His reply is "asia STILL have?". He told us that it shouldnt happen after they have the statue of four-face buddha there. we ask him what other hotels is haunted. I can only remember he told us baiyoke sky hotel.

The 3rd night was peaceful after we move to the room where my friends (saw) black shadow flashing pass. i saw it too but compare to the other room. it was much better. gd sleep that night. ..."  (http://www.sgclub.com/singapore/haunted_hotels_over_88686.html)


GSIS's latest international member, Agent Cheap Cheap, went to Bangkok in late May, and lived opposite the Asia Hotel. He checked out the allegedly haunted hotel in the middle of the night for strange happenings. He emerged unscathed though, with some pictures to share with us here.

Agent Cheapcheap approaching the front door of Asia Hotel.
The panicky crowds of hotel guests might have dashed out
through this door when the fire alarm rang, more than 20 over
years ago.

A overall view of the fascade of Asia Hotel. A white jade buddha
was seen just outside the hotel, perhaps to ward off bad luck and
evil beings.

A view of the lobby from the second floor. The lobby appeared
to be quite dark and not as brightly-lit as other Bangkok
Hotel. This was probably where my friend's family sighted
charred apparitions walking around......

A closer view of the Hotel lobby.

A picture of the passageway leading to the conference room.
It is unknown where the big fire started......apparently, many
of those who perished in the fire were from the nightclub, but
the hotel might have undergone restructuring after the tragic
incident. According to Agent Cheapcheap, the corridors for
the guest room floors appeared very dark and spooky
as well.........

Another picture of Agent cheapcheap along the dark passageway
on the second floor.

At the corner stairway of the second floor, a octogonal mirror-
based ceiling light was discovered. The Ba Gua (八卦)is often 
used to ward off evil spirits in Taoist rites. The corner stairway
is usually where the yin energy accumulates......so is the Ba Gua
meant to repel undesirable negative energies, or worst still, to
ward off the ghosts of the tragic incident?

GSIS will probably go back to Bangkok soon with our clairvoyants to locate the actual site of the fire from within the hotel........


Featured picture: An aerial view of the Asia Hotel from a hotel room in the newly opened Vie Hotel which is located just opposite. Th picture was taken at 3am.

By Dzi 


The self-declared "Hardy Boys" - an eclectic mix of individuals with varied talents but with a passion for things paranormal - realised on a faithful day that life was simply too boring, and decided to charge into the unknowns again for some pepper and spice of life. The gang of four, comprised of Agent Sawadeekaa, Agent TerTer, Agent TB and myself, soon found ourselves in the middle of the ominous Lucky Heights private residential estate. Among us, only Agent Terter was bestowed with the gift of sixth sense, but unlike Agent Hummaz and LV, he can oddly only perceived entities through sound and smell. An obnoxious putriscent scent or a malicious whisper by his ears, coupled to a grossly uneasy feeling, would often mean that the entity is too close for comfort and that he should take flight asap sans hesitation.

We parked our cars along Lucky Heights Garden, and wandered around the vicinity in search of the cemetary belonging to the Boyanese, a sub-race of Indonesians who were rumoured to practise the Dark Art and Black Magic even after their migration to Singapore. We soon chanced upon a playground and tried our luck at the chin-up bars. Agent Terter gave a superb demonstration of his muscle prowess, executing the chin-ups in different styles to his new-found fans. It was then that i realised some dark tree canopies right ahead, and led the group up the slope to the road for a better view of the adjacent ground.

And then we saw the timbstones littering all over a field of dark overgrown grasses and sinister trees with white flowers. Truly errie.

                                 Credit: http://hanzi24.moblog.com.sg (We did not take pictures of the graves “out of respect”)

 The cemetary was flanked by fairly big bungalows, and the anomaly appeared to disturb agent Sawadeekaa. “Siao ah!! Who can live next to the cemetary? No matter how cheap I won't buy a house next to this cemetary!" he exclaimed. According to rumours by some blogger, no one living in this area stays for more than a year because of the unsettling aura and strange images or sounds...After scrutinising the dark field for sometime,we decided to move round the perimeter of the cemetary to the opposite side where a few HDB flats sat, with the intention to climb higher up and have a bird's eye view over the cemetary.

Alas upon reaching the other side, we found the gates locked and the elevator operated by card access. Unable to advance our investigation, the gang was soon bored and immediately drawn to the senior citizen exercise corner for some instant fun. Agent TB tried his luck at the iGallop-lookalike, while Agent Sawadeekaa and Terter merry-go-round their hearts and lungs out in an attempt to recapture their long gone child-like innocence. All this while I noticed the crowded trees and undergrowth right next to the exercise corner, which I thought should mark the boundary of the cemetary. "I think the senior citizens must be petrified to exercise right next to the cemetary! It is as if they see doomsday beckoning them every morning!!" I thought to myself.

Just then, a gush of wind rushed past us suddenly and sent the wooden wind chime from a HDB unit nearby clattering uneasily. All agents halted their activities instantaneously, and Agent Terter popped up his head like an alert canine who sensed advancing menace that was still yet faraway. I rounded up the agents and herded them towards a staircase leading up to the extreme edge of the cemetary for further investigation. Once there, we saw a wooden plank that straddled across an old drain and which led to a muddy, overgrown-infested path into the cemetary. Gutsy Agent TB, who had witnessed enough death cases for anyone's lifetime during his stint as a student nurse, took the lead and ventured into the darkness while the three of us followed behind gingerly.

As we ventured deeper and deeper into the cemetary, the leaves of the banana trees and cassava shrubs kept brushing against our limps. I could feel the happy mosquitoes buzzing and feasting on the unwelcomed intruders of the night. The gungho Agent TB briefly broke awy from the pack and recce the dark path ahead of us before coming to a stop. No tombstone was in sight till now, and the path seemingly fizzled out. We soon caught up with him; everyone remained very quiet at the end of the road while Agent Terter assessed the situation ahead.

"I don't think we should carry on," Agent Terter advised, with the characteristic deadpan look on his face, and he instantly turned around and walked away. Without questioning further, everyone followed suit; there was seemingly this quiet understanding that Agent Terter hinted at probable trouble ahead and that he meant real business. Our venture out of the forest appeared to be so much faster.....or that perhaps could be attributed to our quickened steps to escape from the unknown entities residing in the heart of darkness.

"I saw an ink-blob like figure appearing on Agent Sawdeekaa's back on our way out" recounted Agent Terter on our way down the staircase. "It appeared and then disappeared mysteriously......it cannot be shadow as it seem to have a life of its own." Agent Sawadeekaa seemed nonchalant at first, but soon succumbed to fear, as he ordered Agent TB to sprinkle copious amount of the Holy water on his gorgeous back.

"I also heard lots of hissing sounds when we stopped at the end of the path. Not so friendly hissing sounds that grew louder as we approached the centre of the forest. The same hissing sound I heard when the wind blew when we were at the exercise corner just now. That was why I asked you guys to turned back," Agent Terter told us on our way back to the cars. Hissing sounds? I certainly did not hear any noise of such in the forest...


Featured picture: A map showing the position of the boyanese cemetery (marked with a big red “X”) nestled in the folds of the Lucky Heights private residential area.


The senior citizen corner next to the cemetery forest.


Agent Sawadeekaa examining the forest next to the exercise corner.

Just then, a gush of wind rushed past and Agent terter caught on what

Appeared to be malicious hissing sounds from the forest.

The wooden plank (behind the short stone pilar) which led us to a muddy

Path into the cemetery forest. Agent Terter come face to face with the

Source of the hissing noise and decided to back off. We eventually

retreated to where we came from.








St Patrick's School

by LV


 Most blog about haunting places is always about "so scare so scare" but details are not provided. To me its very irritating because it doesn't explain anything to the reader beside knowing the involved parties were very scared and that much about it....
Anyway, our experience at the above place kinda made me understand why people would feel simply so scare so scare because the same happened to me as well.
Last night (3rd day of CNY), Hummaz, Dzi, Petzy and myself went to the EAst to check out new haunting places. When we passed by St PAtrick's, Petzy told us that the Squash court area has been rumoured to be haunting. A quick glance into the building and seeing the narrow walkway beside the school along the canal does suggest that it could be an interesting walk and so we decided to give it a shot.
We parked our car near the school and started to walk along the canal. As we proceed, Hummaz remarked that there were deaths in the canal before and quite a number of them are Malay. (beats me I saw nothing. Then again, perhaps thanks god. Imagine seeing ghost on CNY!)
At the end of the canal way, we hit the other side of the school building and we slowly creeped towards the Squashcourt area along the mainroad. Somehow something about the front facade where the old statue of the Patron Saint, St Patricks and the old dark black tall window panes can't help but kept suggesting something is lurking in there. Then very suddenly, Hummaz and I heard a loud brisk as if something big crawled across the school facade from one end into another which made me jumped and held on each other very quickly and very incidentally, Hummaz did the same as I was doing that. Came immediately after that, hummaz handphone rang which further startled all 4 of us.
According to Petzy, he claimed that it was rumoured that the walls of the court was once filled with blood-stained all over such that the school have to repaint it multiple times just to rid it.
No idea if it was true or anything. But just another point to note, the school was used as a hospital by the British during the war and by the Japanese as an air-force camp. 


Ma-No Umi

By Para-Sakura


Ma-no Umi is an area of the ocean which can be marked off on a map by following a line from Western Japan, north of Tokyo, to a point in the Pacific at approximate latitude of 145 degrees east. It turns west south west, past the Bonin Islands, then down to Guam and Yap, west towards Taiwan, before heading back to Japan in a north north easterly direction. The term "Ma-no Umi", which means "Devil's Sea", is first used by Japanese fishermen to refer to that stretch of trecherous ocean. In Western popular culture, the area was thought to bear similar properties as the Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes were reported to disappear mysteriously.

Read more...Collapse )

Fourteenth of the Seventh Month

By Dzii


The Fourteenth of the lunar seventh month is considered by some to be the most "yin" day of the Chinese ghost festival, as it is thought that all souls are released from Hell on this day to prepare for the sumptious feasts and generous offerings provided by mortals on the following day, the fifteenth. Mediums or Tang Ki from the Chinese temples worshipping Hade deities will venture into the cemetaries on this day where they will pray for the passing over of wandering souls or the appeasement of angry souls with unfinished business. It is said that the hell deities such as Da Ye Er Ye (First Master and Second Master, or the black and white Hell Guards) frequent the cemetary premises to keep check on the wandering souls. During this period, visitors to the cemetaries are greeted with dazzling seas of candle light along the cemetary paths and graves. Heaps of hell notes are burnt in bonfires all over the place. With a spectacular sight like this, visitors can't be faulted for thinking that the cemetaries have come alive. In fact, the mortal population here at this time of the year may even exceed that of weekday Orchard Road after midnight. 

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And the Journey Begins Again.........

Dearest Readers,

      For the past one month, GSIS went for a short break to recharge our batteries and to regain our energizer-bunny super-human energy. After covering countless paranormal news for the past four months, we needed the break badly to rejuvenate and gear up our yang energy. I am glad to annouce that GSIS is now back after the hiatus! Do check out the blog for frequent updates from members of the paranormal team. You are also encouraged to write in to us at G_SIS@live.com if you have ying yang eyes and hope to have your stories told. Or if u have family members or close friends with ying yang eyes, write in to us with their stories as well!!

Around the World
By Para-sakura

         Image:Catrinas 2.jpgImage:Ofrenda.jpg

Ghost festival is celebrated not only by the Chinese. From November 1 to 3 every year, Mexicans celebrate Dia De Los Muertos  - or Day of the Dead. In most localities, November 1 is set aside for remembrance of deceased infants and children, often referred to as angelitos (little angels). Those who have died as adults are honoured November 2. Towards the end of October, markets and shops of Mexico will sell special accouterments for the ghost festival. These include all manner of skeletons and other macabre toys; intricate tissue paper cut-outs called papel picado; elaborate wreaths and crosses decorated with paper or silk flowers; candles and votive lights; and fresh seasonal flowers, particularly  cempazuchiles (marigolds) and barro de obispo (cockscomb). Among the edible goodies offered are skulls, coffins and the like made from sugar, chocolate or amaranth seeds and special baked goods, notably sugary sweet rolls called pan de muerto that come in various sizes invariably topped with bits of dough shaped like bones and, All of these goods are destined for the buyer's ofrenda de muertos (offering to the dead). 

At home, the deceased's family members usually set up an altar adorned with these offerings, photographs of the deceased, and candy skulls inscribed with the name of the deceased. The spirits of the dead are expected to visit these homes during the festival. Frequently a wash basin and clean hand towel are provided so that visiting souls can freshen up before the feast. The offering may also include a pack of cigarettes for the after-dinner enjoyment of former smokers, or a selection of toys and extra sweets for deceased children. 

On November 2, the family members will visit the graves of the deceased. The atmosphere for the visit is usually more festive than solemn, as family members will often bring along picnic baskets filled with Mexican specialities, Mexican liquors or even a mariachi band to liven up the atmospher. This reminds us at GSIS of the boisterous getai and loud wayangs held for our 'special brothers' during the Chinese version of the Ghost festival here in Singapore. However, to hold the getai and wayangs within the cemetary is still a strict no-no to most Singaporeans, who are perhaps not as gutsy as their Mexican counterparts.......
 Hungry Ghost Special
By Para-sakura

The Bishan-Thomson Triangle refers to the T-junction between Ang Mo Kio Avenue One and Thomson Road. The western end of Bishan park, the vacant land parcel next to Telecom building and the starting end of Old Thomson Road forms a triangle over this quiet road junction. GSIS visited the Triangle during this Hungry Ghost Festival, and emerged with a mix of casual observations and spooky anecdotes for the paranormal enthusiasts. 


  Hauntedness        :   ** (out of 5)
Forbidden Hours     :  Past Midnight
Entity Types          :  Curious entities, shadowy running figures.
Remarks               : Not very haunted. Possible to hang out around the area provided you 'behave well'. 
Hungry Ghost Special
By Dzii


You might be thinking: "Where the hell is Gymkhana Avenue??"

The off-beaten track actually brances off from the famous Mount Pleasant Road, and is in close proximity to the Pontianak-infested Mount Pleasant Cemetary. It provides an alternative route from Newton to the stretch of nurseries along Thomson Road. We turned into Gymkhana Ave two days ago, past midnight, to investigate possible paranormal activities in this area, and the results yielded were definitely music to the ears of ghost hunters. The moment we drove into

Hauntedness        :   *** 1/2 (out of 5)
Forbidden Hours     :  Past Midnight
Entity Types          :  Crowds of curious entities
Remarks               : Stay away if possible

Curse of Tutankhamun

Around the World
By Para-sakura


                  "They who enter the sacred tomb shall swiftly be visited by wings of death."

The ominous sentence was written in hieroglyphs at the entrance of the tomb of boy Pharaoh Tutankhamum when Howard Carter first discovered it in 1923. Carter had endured an arduous 15 years of hardship trying to locate the elusive tomb of the previously unknown Pharaoh, under the sponsorship of Lord Carnavron. Just before the historical discovery that opened up a new era for Egyptology, Lord Carnarvan had threatened to cut off Carter's finance for the excavation as he became increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of return from his investments over the years .

Hungry Ghost Special
By Dzii


We were there about a year ago. During the Hungry Ghost Festival, with Hummanz and LV, each holding a pack of punggol nasi lemak, chatting heartily. And then LV teased Hummaz about something, and the two started a chasing game towards one end of the dam. They returned not long later, warning me not to venture towards either end of the dam. "There are many many water spirits there, sitting on the banks of the reservoir on either side of the dam, waiting for replacement. Don't go near them," remarked Hummaz. At that moment, there were crowds of modified cars and Ah Bengs / Lians along the entire length of the Yishun Dam road. I naively thought the high concentration of yang energy would repel the water spirits away. "They stay mainly at the two ends of the road, which are darker and not so well-lit by the street lamps. This is the seventh month, and there are crowds of human here fishing or fooling around. So good chance of someone falling into the water," Hummaz reasoned. 

Hauntedness        :   ** 1/2 (out of 5)
Forbidden Hours     :  Night time
Entity Types          :  Water Spirits
Remarks               : Stay along the middle portion of the dam and stick close to the crowd there. Avoid dark corners. 

Hungry Ghost Special
By Dzii


Daytime Buangkok Link is probably the most well-known picture of rustic bliss on our island state. However, when the night falls, the place sheds away its agrestic fascade, to reveal a sinister face that will struck instant fear in those who dare trespass. In short, beyond twilight, this is not the place for those with a faint heart.

Hauntedness         :     **** (out of 5 stars)
Forbidden Time   :    10 pm to 5 am
Entity Types       :    shadowy figures, ghost hounds, pontianaks
Remarks            :    If possible, avoid this place at all cost during the Lunar Seventh Month.

And The Count-Down Begins.......


Just seven more days. Seven only. 
To the days when you are supposed to head straight for home after work when the shadows gather in the trees............
When you must avoid swimming in a pool, sungei, lake, sea, ocean - any body of water where the ghastly opportunists will grab your legs in fervent hope of a 'reborn replacement'..........
When you must not utter a single word that remotely resembles 'G-H-O-S-T' , and no, not even in Hakka, Hokkien or Zimbabwean;...............
When you must not step on charred remains of the paper money offerings to our pellucid forebears and friends, and NO, not to let your kids chase after twirling willowy ashes like pussy after scurrying cockroach.............
When you must not sit at the very first row of any getai or wayang performances that are strictly reserved for the very guests that these performances are meant for, and no, taking out a newspaper and act blur won't help as this is not MRT.............
This is the season to indulge in age-old superstitions;
This is the time to be really, really afraid;
This is the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL....................

By Para-sakura


In the blog entry posted on the 25th June 2008 (http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/5978.html), the author described the investigation team's paranormal encounters within the premise of the Alexandra Hospital. While paranormal activites were expected from within the hospital compound, which had been the site of ruthless carnages by the Japanese soldiers during World War II, the GSIS clairvoyants were particularly drawn to a forest situated behind the hospital's mortuary which they perceived to be "more haunted" than even the hospital building itself. 




The GSIS team visited Block 12 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 on the 16th July 2008, and an investigation report was posted two days later (http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/7307.html). After reading our report, LV provided us with more details of what he sensed and saw during the investigation. Here is his account:



By Dzii


It happened more than 25 years ago. A self-styled medium, with his two gullible and depressed 'holy' wives, initiated a self-gratifying killing rampage, only to be stamped out by the local detectives at the very nascent stage of the bizzarre crime spree. Wanton promises of youth and fortune through sexual favours, the tender age of the helpless victims, as well as the shocking revelations of ritualistic killings involving grotesque cult practices - all these interweave into a strange tale that was unheard of on our small island state, and which still guarantees to leave a bitter after-taste for those who bother to sample it. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the death of the triple terrors, who were sentenced to be hung on November 25, 1988. GSIS revisits this high-profile case, and even investigates the sites of trauma to sniff out possible spiritual ramnants that lingered on tenaciously after all these years.

Follow-up : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/7490.html



By LiThong


Nestled somewhere in vibrant, much sought-after Toa Payoh New Town, Lorong 7 today, on the surface, is just like any other precincts in Toa Payoh, a picture of suburbia bliss with residents going about their day-to-day lives in peace and harmony. However, belie this seemingly innocuous façade masked the most notorious murders that took place here that the Lion City had ever witnessed.

Part 2 : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/7307.html


By Dzii


                                                 (Photo courtesy of Mr Chye YY)

                                   (Photo courtesy of Mr Chye YY)

                                   (Photo courtesy of Mr Chye YY)

Mr Chye YY, an accountant, sent us three photos of his eldest sister and parents paying homage to their deceased relatives' tombs at the Holland Road Hakka cemetary Hill in the 1965. According to Mr Chye, his family used to live in a village next to the Ying Fo Fui Kuan Hakka cemetary hill near Holland Road. Like the Fong Yun Tai cemetary at the nearby Holland Link, Ying Fo Fui Kuan cemetary hill was acquired by the government and the remains from the coffins all over the hill collected, placed in urns and buried under neat rows of memorial stones as seen in today's YFK cemetary at Buona Vista. In other words, YFK cemetary hill was effectively reduced to a small 4.5 acres square compound of tighly packed tombs in order to save on space. Mr Chye heard from his parents that the two Hakka cemetaries were indeed the first two Chinese cemetaries to be acquired by the government in 1965 so that a "prominent figure" of the young island state could face the Chinese of other dialect groups should their cemetary hills be likewise taken away for modern development. The ancestral temple at Ying Fo Fui Kuan's compound is today a columbarium for Hakka descendents with affiliation to the association, and Mr Chye's father's cremated remains is currently housed there.


Ying Fo Kuan

 By Dzii


Ying Fo Kuan Memorial, built in 1887, is a Hakka cemetery located behind Blk 32 of Holland Close, which is a stone throw away from Holland Village. The memorial stones are packed so tightly close to each other, we doubt that there are any coffins being laid beneath them (though we are still not very sure about this...). According to a blogger (http://mis_nomer.blogspot.com/2005/07/yin-foh-kuan-cemetery.html), YFK was built in honour of civilians who died during World War II. It was previously speculated that MM Lee Kuan Yeow's grandfather's memorial stone was laid within this secluded cemetary, which was thought to be the reason why the latter is preserved until now. However, it was later revealed in the same blog that his grandfather was actually buried in another nearby Hakka cemetary, Fong Yun Tai, at Holland Link, which was the first Chinese cemetary to be acquired by the government. It was said that MM Lee did that as an example to the other Chinese dialect groups, so as to faciliate acquisition of other Chinese cemetaries in other parts of the island. Fong Yun Tai is today a columbarium at the same Holland Link location.

Follow-up : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/6759.html


Postcard From the Edge


Mr Xie S, 31, sent us the following message after reading our blog:

"While working at Airport Road, I've heard:
(1) huge marketplace gathering on the last day of 7th month, endless chatting with Chinese opera singer. Sounds vanished at midnight.
(2) heard moving wailing sounds in one of the aircraft hangers when I was there alone on a Sunday.
(1) Cold breeze waftted through the toilet when I was bathing. Doors and windows were closed.
(1) Blue ghost apparition at XXX HQ (now Airforce Museum, old building demolished)
(2) Black aura (with red eyes) at corner of darkened office at 8pm.                                                           "

We contacted Mr Xie to find out more about his haunting experiences at Airport Road. He told GSIS that he has partial "ying yang" eyes since young and can visualise souls which are black, white or blue in colour. He did his National Service at Paya Lebar Airbase some ten years ago, and had some of his most haunting experiences there, especially during the lunar calendar 7th month. Mr Xie hoped that GSIS could investigate the area to confirm his sightings. 

Hospital Series One
By Dzii


Death is everyday business for a hospital, which is why the latter is often the setting for some of the most hair-raising ghost stories being passed around. LV and his sister Agent Cecilia, both certified nurses, brought not only light into the agonised lives of their patients, but also haunting stories from beyond the surgeons' theatre to entertain us friends whenever we gathered at their Newton apartment. Topping the horror chart is the tale about a deceased "missy" who created havoc by returning to the ward she used to work in, in the most unusual form. Nurses on night shift would observe this matron working quietly at a corner of the ward. The more gregarious ones would approach the matron for a friendly chat, and when the loner raised her head, they found themselves staring horrifyingly into the familiar face of the deceased matron which was devoid of a tongue when the latter opened her mouth to try to talk. From then onwards, the unlucky ones would refrain from taking on night duties to avoid further encounter.....LV had always wanted to take us on a haunting tour to the hospitals to verify the authenticity of these spooky tales. On one fine night, we found ourselves in the dark compound of AH, with LV as our tour guide, to inaugurate GSIS's very first hospital investigation.

Follow-up : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/7918.html

Of Ghost Cars & Phantom Pedestrians

 By Dzii


Driving around with LV and Humamz in the car had not been an easy task for me for the past few months. Apart from the contradictory directions given to me by the frequently bickering duo, my emergency braking skill was almost put to a test several times under the weirdest situations. For example:

18th Wonder

By Dzii


After reading Para-sakura's report (Mystery of the Restless Souls by the Lake http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/5351.html) on the Jurong Massacre of World War Two, LV, Hummaz and I became pretty curious about a particular mass screening point, Jurong Road 18th milestone, reported to be located at the far-flung western end of Singapore. We tried to compare the map from Blackburn & Chew's article (See picture above, left), which indicated an area in Tuas next to Old Jurong Road as the 18th milestone mass screening site (marked as "1" on the map), with a modern day map of Singapore (right). Using Sungei Jurong and Pulau Samulum as a landmark, we speculated that Boon Lay Way and Upper Jurong Road might be built to replace Old Jurong Road. Using the black dotted line as a guideline, Jurong 18th milestone maps roughly to the area containing the junction between PIE/Tuas Road and AYE. This is where the Raffles Country Club and Pasir Lebar Camp are currently located.


Mystery of The Restless Souls by the Lake

By Para-Sakura


On lucky Friday thirteenth yesterday, two articles (Dead Calm-The Prelude http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/4651.html and Lake Placid http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/5112.html)  were published in which the authors recounted a harrowing trip to the Jurong Lake Park where intense paranormal activities were reported from two mysteriously fenced-up areas within the park premise. 

Drowning incidents were seldom heard of over these few years at the Jurong Lake district. In any way, the number of accidents occuring in the lake over thes few decades may not be sufficient to account for the astounding sightings of 'high concentration of disturbed souls', made by the clairvoyant "Hummaz" Lee, in the small park area . Mass death, as a result of the war, may plausibly explain the strange phenomema by the lake, and there are few documented evidences to support this hypothesis.

Lake Placid

By Dzii


A stroll by a picturesque lake at night is probably one of the best ways to relax oneself after a hectic day at work. But somehow, the walk by the placid Jurong lake did not conjure up even the slightest languor feel for all the magnificent views the lake has to offer. On the contrary, I was more spooked out than ever, ending the promenade prematurely with a serious mental note to avoid this part of the West after twilight.

Follow-up : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/5351.html

Dead Calm - The Prelude

By LV 


Swimming is a very popular sports or leisure. People like to enjoy the sun and the cooling water on a blazing warm day. What about swimming in the dark water? What about even standing near quiet untouched dark water?

On newspaper, we have heard of people dying in the reservoir. What about still lake? What tales have we heard of that?

Have anyone heard of civilians being killed by the Japanese soldiers during WWII and thrown into the lake? Have anyone ever wonder beside just civilians dying in the lake who else died there? 


When the Demon Stalks

By Dzii


Our steps quickened but there was still no sign of the bright street lamps lining the main road at the exit. And then Hummaz turned around and threw a vehement stare at what was behind us. He dropped out of our formation swiftly, and stomped ferociously to the back with the touchlight in his hand, spouting savaging words as he did so. "Hey Hummaz is all alone behind us!!" Agent Lunlun hollered out as LV grabbed his arms very tightly in fear. I was right in front chanting the Buddhist scriptures and trying to lead the gang out to the exit as fast as I could, with the stalker at our heels, but the path in front just seemed so eternally long and dark............

Tears in My Valley

By Para-Sakura


In the article "Last Words" posted on 26th May 2008 (http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/2292.html), the author Dzii recounted a poignant trip to a site near the back of his ex-school compound in Bedok, as well as the various paranormal sightings made by the clairvoyants accompanying him on that eventful trip.

Buddy Or Not?

 By Dzii


"Your ex-secondary school is really a pasah malam (night market) at such unearthly hour loh!! So many 'things' staring out at us from the fence when our car passed by just now. The yin energy here is pretty strong leh!" exclamied Hummaz as the car was about to turn into Cresent Road from Goodman Road. 

"I think practically all schools in Singapore are pasah malams  at night. In this way the physically space can be fully utilised at all times. Morning - human school; night - ghostly pasah malam. Not bad huh?" I tried reasoning with the fervour characteristic of a supportive alumnus. They had previously heard plenty of school-boy ghost stories from me and was very eager to investigate my ex-school compound by themselves. 

As the car was cruising along Crescent Road, we noticed an occupied police patrol car, with its engine and headlamps switched off, parked by the side of the road. 

Faber Hills

By Hummaz


Right after Clementi Block 305, we headed towards Jurong East to check out another haunted HDB flat, of which LV's sister happened to stay there previously. Along the way, we passed by Faber Hills.

My aunt used to stay in Faber Hills previously. I remembered there was a playground right in the middle and I remembered hearing (and subsequently witnessing when I was about 10 years old) people saying that the swing would move on its own at times, regardless of whether it is daytime or not. However, it was not swinging when we reached there... What a disappointment...

Urban Legends - Part Two

By Dzii


In continuation of our Urban Legends series, GSIS visited two old flats and a primary school to investigate the current state of spook infestation. This trip took us to three different parts of our island, and our experiences there seem to suggest a perpetual propagation of their urban legends for a long time to come.

Part 1 : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/2446.html

On Ghost Hound



In Christianity, Ghost Hounds are manifestation of the devils. It is believed that people who committed grave grievious sins in their lifetime and were condemned to Hell could return to the mortal world in the form of ghost hounds. While they may not do real harm to us such as taking our lives literally, however the devils are capable of influencing our lives such as obsession, molestation and finally possession. Very often, exorcists reported sighting of ghost hounds during their time of exorcisin subjects. (N.B. Exorcism can take up to 30 days or even more!) 

Read the main article : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/2782.html

Old Souls

By Dzii


My earliest memories of Bukit Brown could be traced to the occasional bus rides to my Uncle's house in Ghim Moh.  My younger brother and I would always be seated excitedly at the top deck's front seat of bus number 165, immediately behind the large wind screen. And when the "arm chair"-like Chinese tomb stones along Lornie Road came to sight, we would duck with the swiftest synchrony to just below the lower edge of the windscreen and squeal for our lives, as if casting even the most casual glance at the tombs would suck the breath dry from us......Childish antics aside, I was, from a young tender age, deeply curious about the mysticism surrounding this fascinatingly strange place, where properties of the afterlives were juxtaposed right next to grand mortal dwellings. I was, however, too timid a person to explore Bukit Brown on my own, and thought that the roadside tombstones of Lornie would forever remain a casual landmark flashing past the side windows of my car. Casual landmark it remained, for most part of my life, until the last weekend, when I delved into the mystcism of Bukit Brown in the dead of the night with GSIS.


Spectral Dog

By Dzii


The black fur-less hound, with fiery glowing red eyes, patrolled past the front of our car, and then disappeared into thin air. LV saw it first, but kept very quiet about it, thinking it's probably just his imagination. And then, as the car was doing a three-point turn, Hummaz exclaimed:"I think I just saw a spectral dog!" 

"I think I saw it too. Just now" remarked LV calmly. As I was doing the three-point turn, I was so sure that there was no dog anywhere near my car. Hummaz explained that "spectral dog" just simply means ghost dog. In my mind, I was trying to recall an Animal Planet documentary about beloved pets returning as ghost to accompany their owners after their demise. I thus reasoned that the black hound might be someone's dead guard dog still loyally rendering its service to the owner of some big mansion nearby.

Follow-up : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/3149.html

Urban Legends

by Dzii


The myriad of senescent high rise buildings in our city offers an excellent opportunity for our paranormal team to seek out lonesome souls lurking around our urban jungle. It is said that departed souls often choose to linger close to familiar grounds, such as the stairway next to their unit, the stonebench below their flat, or even a corner of the elevator they used to take when alive -- anywhere that gives them the much-needed sense of comfort after crossing over to the other side. We visited several old flats recently, all built more than 25 years ago, and were offered a slice of urban adventure with a glimpse of loitering spirits in a setting that Singaporeans are most familiar with.....

Part 2 : http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/3421.html



Last Words

By Dzii


At the back of my mind, I have always wanted to prove whether what my JC friends said about our school were true. That ethereal beings walked our school compound in the dead of the night. That these tormented souls were actually unfortunate victims of a Japanese torture camp in the vicinity. That the desolated back portion of the school compound was previously a mass grave for those who took their last breath when the Japanese soldiers hacked the samurai swords down upon their fragile necks. Whole class of boys and girls witnessed running shadows in the tennis court, only to find it dead empty when they arrived seconds later to investigate. A close friend of mine turned up for class one day, and was greeted by the spectacular sight of countless elongated shadows in the classroom. According to him, the shadows were swaying side to side like dandelions in the breeze, but he could not make out their exact facial features. It appeared that someone had played the Buddhist scripture "Da Bei Zhou" during lunchbreak in that classroom, which was situtated right next to the rumoured WWII mass grave. The monotonous mantra chant, which speaks of immense compassion and enlightenment for those who fall into the evil path, was thought to have lured in souls from the nearby trauma site for appeasement. For all those spooky tales communicated to me by various schoolmates, I had never bore witness to any paranormal phenomenon during my stay there.

Follow-Up: http://globalsoundis.livejournal.com/4239.html
  By Dzii


No one will ever imagine that the mammoth piece of unnamed forest, juxtaposed next to the serene Singapore Botanic Gardens, is in fact an almost-forgotten repository of mouldering antiques and shuddering spooks.

11 May 2008, a night with the crescent moon. Hummaz, LV and I were making our way down to the ex-French embassy at Gallop Road for our usual spooks investigation. As our car cruised along Tyersall Road, which connects to Gallop Road after the Orchid Garden entrance, something caught the attention of LV on our left.

"Can someone tell me what's that? Can someone tell me? Huh? Huh?"

Hummaz and I thought it might well be a case of an over-aged agitated chihuahua over-reacting to the sight of a downright ordinary kopitiam kitten. Well, not quite, after the ominous white gate flashed past the corner of our eyes. 

"What the HELL is that thing doing in the middle of NO-WHERE? Hummaz exclaimed. 


In hoc dies 22 Mei anno domini MMVIII stipes impercepti global sounds natus est.

In this day 22 May year 2008, Global Sounds club of the unperceived is born.

Allow us to recount the haunting experiences in and about Singapore at the time when the dogs hound, bats fill the night and jasmine scent surrounds you.

Hold your breath but not too long for the friends of the otherside are waiting to prey on you........

Global Sounds Impercepti Stipes (GSIS)

"I see dead people." -- Cole Sear, in "The Sixth Sense".

In hoc dies 22 Mei anno domini MMVIII stipes impercepti global sounds natus est.

In this day 22 May year 2008, Global Sounds Club of the Unperceived is born.

Allow us to recount the haunting experiences in and about Singapore at the time when the dogs hound, bats fill the night and jasmine scent surrounds you.

Hold your breath but not for too long as the friends of the otherside are waiting to prey on you........

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